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First Kiss

Have you ever kissed someone? Have you ever been kissed? If the answer is no, do not worry. It can be an overwhelming challenge but we have some tips on how you can overcome any challenge you have with this.

How to Have Your First Kiss

first-kiss-machotipsSo the first thing you want to do is to make yourself kissable. You can do this by making sure your breath is fresh and you smell nice.

For the ladies, you can always go the extra mile by applying lipstick. Do not overdo it. Just a light layer that perfectly covers your lips is enough.

When you are with your partner, make eye contact and lean in gently while slowly closing your eyes. This should be a good enough hint for them to meet your lips halfway. If it does not work then do not panic, they are probably not ready.

You can also give subtle hints by staring at their lips and twining your arms around their neck.

What to Expect On Your First Kiss

Do not expect any magical feelings or fireworks on your first kiss. That’s not realistic. Outlined below is a list of what you can expect on your first kiss:
•    It tends to be a little awkward especially if both of you are having your first kiss. You need to understand that no one is perfect the first time.
•    It probably will be wetter than you think
•    It will also be shorter than you expect
•    You may panic about how you are doing it, but that is normal

Keep it gentle and soft and do not bring out the tongue. Also, try not to pucker.