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2017’s Popular Colors in Men’s Fashion

2017 is just a 2 months away and men’s fashion is adjusting to it by reorganizing color palettes and incorporating them into unique designs. In a world full of pattern and bold statements, it is no surprise that this season the colors are doing the talking and some colors have quickly become the preferred favorites.
•    Bright Colors
Bright colors have evolved from being statement pieces for unique designs to common everyday wear in designs such as sportswear. Some of the more dominant bright colors include green, blue and yellow.
•    Neutral Colors
In more of a classic stance on a long standing tradition when it comes to men’s wear, neutral colors such as black and grey have remained an important part of many designers’ lines. This is mostly due to the fact that these colors are more versatile, and can be mixed with other colors almost effortlessly. They remain a go-to palate for many designers.
•    Soft Mid tones.
While predominantly preferred for women’s summer wear, colors such as sky blue, turquoise and even clay have made their way into men’s wear, becoming preferred colors not only for casual but also formal outfits. Some designers have even gone a step further and made these colors faded in order to bring forth a more relaxed appearance.
•    Beige
This specific color has dominated a lot of the more recent designs for men’s wear this season. From pants, jackets and even shirts, beige has become a favorite for many designers. There has even been a sort of revival for the beige trench coat.