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3 Herbs that Increase Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is defining hormone for a man. However, after 30, the testosterone level starts dropping, causing a lot of changes in male’s body and behaviour. Low level of testosterone causes weight gain, loss of lean muscle, diminished libido, lack of mental concentration and energy, decreased bone density, and other.

All of the effects mentioned above can be stopped if the testosterone level rises. It is better to boost production of body’s testosterone than taking medicines containing it, otherwise appears the danger that the body will stop producing its own testosterone. Certain herbs and medicines can stimulate the body to provide more testosterone. The best herbs dealing with this matter are:
•    Tribulus Terrestris
•    Panax Ginseng
•    Long Jack or Tongkat Ali
Tribulus Terrestris is a very potent herb that not only increases testosterone production but also raises stamina levels.

Long Jack or Tongkat Ali is another herb that boosts testosterone production. This herb is not widely spread around the world, it grows only in Indonesia and Malaysia, and anywhere else it is hard to find.


Long Jack aka Tongkat Ali

Panax Ginseng is very useful to the human body. Used in many medical recipes in ancient China and India it has proven its efficiency throughout the centuries. Panax Ginseng is increasing overall blood flow in the body, and it also treats stress. Stress, being an important psychological factor, reduces testosterone production.

Many high-quality supplements were produced out of these three herbs in combination with other useful plants. These products are very efficient in enhancing the testosterone level of a man without having the aftereffect of hormone replacement therapy.