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4 Exercises that can improve your sexual performance


All men want to be great in the sack. If you are looking to up your game in this department, here are some exercises that could put you in a pretty good position in terms of performance.

  • Running

Running exercises are good for the heart. Running is an excellent cardio workout, and maybe as a cherry on the cake, it increases your testosterone levels, this increases your libido which later translates to better sex for you and your partner.

  • Strength training exercises

Strength training exercises such as weight lifting can similarly do wonders for your testosterone levels. It has actually been found to be a brilliant testosterone booster that works in a matter of hours.

  • Long distance swimming

Long distance swimming is a wonderful training exercise to help men develop endurance. This translates to stamina which in the bedroom is a wonderful thing. Building your endurance can actually improve your stamina and enable you to last for much longer hours with your partner. So consider long distance swimming if you are aiming to improve your stamina.

  • Pushups

It goes without saying that the missionary position is one of the most popular sex positions for many couples. For a man it is important to be able to support himself while at the top position on his arms as the rest of his body is in movement. One excellent way to help improve upper body strength is through push-ups as well as pull-ups. Make these exercises a daily routine and missionary for you will be a walk in the park.