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4 Style tips for modern men

Fashion is a fast changing industry even for men. There are so many ways to wear so many kinds of clothing and styles that a man is left struggling with a common outfit every day. Worry not. These tips are sure to get your look more refined and may help answer some questions that you may have wondered about for so long.

  • Do not be afraid of the sweater or the cardigan

You do not have to wear a blazer or a full suit every day with your official clothing. You can switch things up with a well-fitting sweater or cardigan to give your outfit that sharp and sophisticated look every once in a while

It works if you do it right. You can get yourself a casual blazer or actually wear a previously official blazer over your jeans and plain white tees. You should be fine as long as the blazer fits you perfectly.

  • Loafers can be worn with socks, but be careful

There has been controversy regarding men showing off their ankles with the sockless boast but it can actually be pulled off, either with the socks that do not show or without socks, but only once in a blue moon. Hygiene issues may abound if you do it for days in a row but once in a while should be okay.

  • Jeans are always in style

You can never go wrong with a fitting pair of blue jeans, so always have one in your wardrobe.