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5 Uber Cool Hairstyles that are taking men’s fashion by storm!

As soon as summer comes knocking around the corner, you keep itching for a change. This will be the time when you think of spring cleaning your wardrobe, joining the gym but what you will be missing is that just one simple thing can give a whole new twist to your regular monotonous life.

Because, let’s accept it: New hair= New Life.

We keep you up to date with the latest hairstyles that are taking men’s fashion by storm so that you can ditch all those useless men’s magazines for once and for all!

Be a Dapper Dude with these 5 Uber Cool Hairstyles

•    The Sexy Short- If your personal style is classic rather than radical; this is just the one for you. The closely cropped hair complements the men who have longer faces best.
•    The Contrast Cool- If you want to go all out with a dramatic hairstyle this summer, we suggest that you go for the contrast look where you let the length of your dense hair extend as far your nose and then have it scissor cut or clipped at the sides for a full impact hairdo.
•    The Quick Quiff- James Bond will be proud of you if you end up opting for this one! A more textured and softer version of the contrast haircut, this one will bring all the ladies to your backyard!
•    The Wet Winner- Finally a hair style which doesn’t make you part with your hard earned money! For the catwalk mane, just massage some pomade into your hair for a sleek and flawless look.
•    Go Bold, Go Long- The long rock star hair from the 1970s and the 1990s is making a comeback in 2016. Try to bear the awkward glances during the in between stages when growing out your hair up till the shoulder length and even longer and you wont be repenting it anytime soon.