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5 Ways to mix Denim into the Wardrobe

Incorporate Denim in your Wardrobe

Incorporate Denim in your Wardrobe

Every boy in the modern age would probably agree that their teenage years were filled with an immense longing to own that cool pair of ripped denim jeans. Cut to the present and you find yourself admiring the rows of denim jeans in nestling coyly in your wardrobe and you can’t help but give yourself a pat in the back.

Who can blame you? After all, denim is to men what silk is to women! So we came up with 5 innovative ways in which you can incorporate denim in your wardrobe so that even when you repeat the fabric, you don’t have to repeat clothes!

Open up your imagination!

How to Look Damn Good in Denim

•    The Jacket- You can be every bit of the cowboy if you include this wardrobe stable into your everyday style. Just pair them with trousers, chinos or skinny jeans and a Fedora hat for a contemporary look.
•    The Glamorous Jeans- Who knew that you could wear denim jeans to formal events too, if you gave the wits to pick out the right one? Minimal distressing, a dark wash and slim cut are your best bet.
•    The Shirt- If you had been skeptical about investing in a denim shirt, it’s high time for you to jump the wagon now! Always go for lighter hues of denim and you’ll be fine.
•    The Denim Accessories- Be it bags, shoes, wallets, sunglasses or caps, denim is the man’s best friend.
•    The Double Denim- No, we haven’t got mad! You can wear two denim separates at a time provided the shade of one denim fabric is lighter than the other.