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7 Menswear trends in Spring that you need to follow

Are you having a hard time ditching your comfortable sweaters for boxer shorts and t shirts that require you to be fit and going? So are we!

Thankfully the fashion designers came to our aid by outlining the major menswear trends in Spring so that with your back packs full of new clothes, you don’t have to regret missing out on the comfort of winter.

All the Spring fashion shows have been wrapped up and finally we can talk about the Spring trends in menswear that all of your stylish men can add to your wardrobe to keep in line with the contemporary fashion scene. stone color clothes men suit -

Stone is the new black

The color ‘stone’ that falls somewhere between the colors sandy beige and white has been the pick of the season for all designers. Not only can you incorporate this color in your formal wear with a suit and vest but would also reflect the sun’s rays off your skin and keep you cool under the sun’s glaring rays.

Give them the Shoulder

Be it overcoats or bombers, suit jackets or vests, as long as it has shoulders which are oversized, you will be on trend.

The Hike

When it comes to Spring fashion, menswear is going to be dominated by an outdoor theme with hiking gear with some hardware or technology installed in it predominating. It is easy too: Just grab on to your hats, backpacks, windcheaters and sandals and step out for your home with adventure on your mind.

Bind yourself up

If you thought that chokers were going to be a thing only with women, you couldn’t have been more wrong. The crucial difference however is that the chokers that men would wear would be made out of chains or beads. Clothing which has zig-zags of chains or straps count too.

Start from Square one

The square print is going to be the most popular in the Spring season. Keep an eye out for windowpane check suits and pinstripe prints.

The time of the Windbreaker

You must have already lost count of the times in your life when you joked about how you know its Spring when its windy outside. Thankfully, designers have finally woken up to the fact that parkas and windbreakers also need to be fashionable, fueling the phenomena of models wearing hooded, printed or even parachute style windbreakers on the runway.

Feminine with a twist

As the gender boundaries becoming more fluid with each passing years, colors which previously had been strictly categorized as being feminine are becoming the rage in menswear. A case in point: Dusty rose is so elegant a color that even Gucci used it while showcasing a summer suit.

Are you not sure how to add it to your day look if you want to be subtle? Wear a dusty rose t shirt with a crew neck and you will be topping the fashion charts.

When approaching Spring menswear, start from a fresh slate and don’t let your assumptions of what masculine fashion should be stop you from trying new, exciting trends.