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A fashion guide for men: clothes, shoes, accessories

style clothes accessories shoes men - machotips.comBasics are very important for every lesson and when we speak of style, learning the basics first will save you from making a bad impression at the very first place.

The first rule of fashion is not trying to go into a hardcore fashion but simply keeping things a bit practical which ultimately make you look more stylish.

By learning the basics properly, one can easily recreate an outfit in a simple and effective way. This fashion guide will help you to avoid making mistakes by giving concrete bases. By following these rules, you can easily notice an instant change in the way he looks.

Putting your Outfit Together

•    Denim jackets and denim jeans never complement each other. So avoid wearing them together.
•    While choosing your shirt, the main criteria should be the collars that are proportional to your face and the seams that correctly fit to your shoulder.
•    By wearing heaving fabrics, thin men can trick to appear larger.
•    Always know your correct size and wear those clothes that are in your size. Because heavy men wearing tight clothes will make them look bigger whereas slim men wearing loose clothes will make them look slimmer.
•    During any job interview, always wear the formal ones and try to dress conservative.
•    When it comes to trousers, always select the one which perfectly fits around your waists and ankles.


There is a very common saying that “We can tell a gentleman by his shoes.” Selecting your shoes becomes a tough job. There are various rules while selecting your shoes. They are as follows:
•    Casual shoes don’t go with suits. Always wear the formal shoes when wearing a suit or going for an interview.
•    Leather loafers fall under the casual category. You can wear them with your denims or even with your shorts during warm seasons without socks.
•    Then there are the canvas shoes. You can flaunt them with your jeans or even when you are hitting a gym.
•    Oxfords go well with trousers and should be worn just below the man’s ankle. In order to amplify the detailing of the footwear one can easily try them with a bold and colourful sock.
•    While wearing boots, wear them with thicker socks.


Accessories add the right details which finishes off an outfit giving it a more stylish look. Always choose the correct accessory which is proportionate to the size of your body.
•    When going for a formal occasion, always match up your belts and shoes.
•    Beware of the belt size. Wear a belt which is always one number bigger than your waistline.
•    Always wear a bow tie when wearing a tuxedo.
•    When wearing a tie, make sure that they always touch your belt line. It should be taken care of that the tie is neither longer nor shorter than the belt line
•    Striped ties go well with striped shirts.

Thus by following the simple rules and regulations while getting dressed up, one can easily enhance and improve his appearance.