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Anti-ageing creams and serums for men

anti-aging creams and serums for men -

The modern man has shown the world that he respects himself and knows how to take care of his skin. Because healthy skin is sexy!

It is not only a duty of the woman to looks flawless anymore. Men who respect themselves do it as well.
There are so many products for men out there, that is not difficult to get lost in them. That’s why we will show you some guidelines.

Time is flying and nothing can stop it. It comes time in your life when the first wrinkle appears. There is nothing to be ashamed of or afraid. That’s the normal for your body. There are a lot of products which will help you slow down those processes.

It is not only about the cosmetics that you use. The lifestyle that you have is very important. Everything that you do or eat affects your skin and body. It is not enough to use a lot of lotions on your skin it is essential to know what’s in them as well.

The main purpose of cosmetics is to assist your skin and body to perform the same way it did when you were young. For the most part those products combat the free radicals which speed the aging process. Free radicals come from alcohol, some foods, even from too much sunbathing and the air you breathe.

The anti-ageing products slow down the normal processes of ageing. There is a big list of oils and ingredients you should look for when you choose your cosmetics.  Here are a few of them:
•    Caffeine: it contains antioxidants that make skin look younger;
•    Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA): compounds, their purpose is to increase the blood flow and minimizing the fine lines;
•    Essential oils: hydrate the skin to keep it naturally moisturized;
•    Vitamin A (Retinol): stimulates elastin production;
•    Vitamin C: evens out the skin tone and calms down skin problems;
•    Acai oil:  the fruit of Euterpe oleracea, it is rich in vitamins and prevents the skin from damages;
•    Grape seeds: the extract of the seeds bonds with collagen this way it preserves skin cell elasticity and health;
•    Tea extracts: they have sun-protective effects and aid in wrinkle reduction;
•    Plant extracts and beta hydroxyl acid (BHA): they work as exfoliants;
•    Glycolic acid: removes the outer layer of the dead skin;
•    Coenzyme Q10: also, known as Ubiquinone, it is naturally produces in our bodies to reduce the breakdown of collagen.

It is very important to start your day with a clean and fresh face. Use:
•    Washing products;
•    Exfoliating product;
•    Moisturizers.

If you use the right cosmetics according to your skin type and apply them every day you will see the results.

Never use a regular soap to wash your face, it will do more damage than you think.

Ageing is a normal process but with some tricks you can slow it down. Some people use plastic surgeries but having in mind the negative side effects which may occur they are not worth it. Just try to eat and live healthy, exercise and avoid stress as much as possible.

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