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Are fitness and sex really related?

fitness sex connection -

If you are a regular gym-going guy, chances are that you feel supremely confident whenever your girlfriend or wife talks about desirable physical aspects in a man. This must mean that sex and fitness are well connected. Why else would you feel on top of the world when you hear your girlfriend saying that she likes broad shoulders?

Feeling confident

If you have a well-groomed physique you will always feel confident about yourself and that extra confidence goes a long way in determining how satisfying your sex life will be. The body language of a man who regularly works out will boast off a certain self-assured air that is bound to be attractive to women.

And the fact that you have the ability to attract women will keep you a step ahead while you work your wonders in bed.

Obesity is an enemy of healthy sex

We all kind of know that fat men do not get to have the most pleasing experience when it comes to sex. But do we exactly know why. Well here are some biological explanations. Fat in the abdominal region tend to amazingly active in terms of metabolism. Its activities are however diverse and of them is to convert testosterone to estrogen.

Increasing amounts of estrogen in a male body shows feminizing effects. This extra amount of estrogen may cause your penis to shrink in size and hence may not function as you and your partner in bed had desired. Therefore, less fat will produce less estrogen and thus will make your sexual tool (if I may call it so) more functional.

Apart from all the biological brouhaha it is just common knowledge that obesity hinders sex. I mean, one can hardly get away with the fact that excess fat in the belly restricts pectoral movement which is very essential for having good sex. Strong core muscles give you and hence your partner the pleasure you desire.

Moreover, it takes a toll on your self-confidence which dwindles with every inch of fat on your belly.

How does fitness benefit your sexual life?

If you want it to be bright in the bedroom, you got to make it sweaty at the gym. Having an improved level of fitness has its own share of benefits in your sex life. Let us have a brief look at them.
•    Improved strength: – Your sexual performance is immensely affected by the strength of your core muscles along with your back and thigh muscles. Strong muscular males are proven to be more enigmatic in bed and hence please their partners better.
•    Better endurance: – Longevity is the key to sexual satisfaction. A healthy session of regular cardio will assuredly lengthen your sexual experience. The longer it stays the better it gets.
•    Improved flexibility: – The last but not the least aspect of a healthy and content sexual relationship is flexibility. Flexible muscles will allow you to work your magic between, below, above and around the sheets. Remember, pleasure lies in variation.

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