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Arginine is Useful to Combat Erectile Dysfunction and More

arginine-machotipsArginine is a naturally occurring alpha-amino acid that is semi-essential or conditionally non-essential. Below is a look at the health benefits of arginine for men.

Erectile Dysfunction & Arginine

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence have been found to benefit from using arginine supplements. Studies have found that arginine is similar to Viagra in behaving as a precursor to nitric oxide synthesis which can aid in relaxing the muscles that surround the penis, thereby boosting blood flow. While Viagra is designed to work through obstructing the enzyme responsible for the destruction of nitric oxide, arginine works in contributing to nitric oxide formation. As a result, men have been found to benefit greatly in terms of improved sexual health and greater libidos.

Heart Disease & Arginine

There is evidence to support the idea that certain cardiovascular diseases that are caused by or associated with the clogging of arteries, atherosclerosis and other related conditions benefit from the use of arginine supplements. Again, this is attributed to nitric oxide formation, which in turn aids in the dilation of blood vessels.

Wound Healing & Arginine

Arginine also serves as a trigger for protein formation, which may aid in the healing of wounds. Moreover, protein assists in the healing of tissues and muscles, as well as their formation. This function is also critical for purposes of bodybuilding.

Immune System Enhancement & Arginine

Arginine has also been found to assist in increasing thymus gland activity, which is responsible for T cell formation. T cells are functional units in the immune system which are important for bodily defense against disease.