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Can testosterone supplements improve sex drive?

The need for testosterone therapy

The sex drive and the ability to perform sexually in men generally reduce with age after thirty years which can be boosted with testosterone, a hormone that increases the sperm production, muscles mass and bone density. Low testosterone is marked by exhaustion and fatigue, gain of weight, fall in muscle mass, depression, hair loss and changes in the sleep patterns. This is when testosterone therapy comes into action.

Know more about testosterone

Testosterone and estrogen are the two main sex hormones, with testosterone being predominant in males and the later predominant in females. Testosterone helps in the growth of male sex organs as well as various secondary sexual characteristics in males.

The sexual excitement is greatly regulated by this hormone whose levels fluctuate throughout the day and the excitement reaches the peak when the level is high. With age, as the level diminishes, interest in sex life decreases and the erections become less firm. Studies have shown that the level of testosterone on an average, decreases by about 8% every 10years.

However, there are factors other than aging which can lower the T-level. These are listed below.
• Injury to testicles
• Treatment of cancer
• Disorders in pituitary
• Testicular tumors
• Inflammatory diseases

Other causes for lowering of sex drive

Other than testosterone, there are other causes for low sex drive like depression, relationship problems, stress and anxiety. Various medications like antidepressants, opiates and beta blockers, overweight or suffering from chronic illness are some of the other causes.

Why should you take testosterone supplements?

This therapy can help in treating hypogonadism which occurs when the body is unable to produce sufficient testosterone. However, it is still under research whether the supplements can help or not. It is of no use to men above 65years of age who has low testosterone levels.

The associated risks

Studies have proved that these supplements might cause several heart problems in men of different age groups. Studies in rats have shown that the supplements promote tumor of the prostate of rat.

The side effects

Other than the already discussed heart and prostate risks, the other side effects are listed below:
• Acne flares
• Shrinkage of testicles
• Sleep apnea
• Enlargement of breasts

Natural ways of elevating testosterone levels

The testosterone therapy is not suited for everyone. Some of the natural remedies for elevating the levels of testosterone are listed below.
• Get sufficient amount of potassium which helps in the synthesis of testosterone. Bananas, spinach and beets are rich in potassium.
• Get proper amount of zinc in your food which regulates the levels of testosterones in men. Add more shellfish and whole grains to your food to get zinc.
• Getting sufficient sleep
• Exercise more often
• Reduction in the daily sugar intake
• Learn techniques of stress management to reduce stress

Talking to your partner or doctor can help

There are numerous reasons in men and women for decrease in sex drive. In men, decrease in testosterone levels can be a reason, but other factors might also be responsible. The testosterone supplements might help in boosting the levels if the level is very low and in case of Hypogonadism. Talking to your partner or consulting a doctor might be of immense help.