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Can You Train for a Marathon Without Losing Muscle?

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The traditional thought is that runners or athletes cannot have muscle since the two are elusive and exclusive. There is also a notion that a long-distance runner or someone who participates in marathons cannot possibly escape from a ‘shrunk’ physique.

On the other hand, muscle-heads trying their hand at long-distance running fear losing their muscle mass that one acquires after quite a lot of hard work. So, if one goes by traditional thoughts and notions, one cannot enjoy the best of both worlds. Or can they?

Well, here a few myth busters and tips that will help you reach a wise understanding:
•    Carb-Up Your Diet- Add dense carbs like sweet potatoes, oatmeal and rice in your diet, especially on long-run days.
•    With That, Add More Proteins Too-It is essential to maintain and build your muscle mass.
•    Keep Track-This is to keep track of the work that you’re doing and also to help you stay on track.
•    Hydrate Yourself-Not only during the run, but also before and after.
•    Consistency Is Key-Be consistent with your routine. Push your limits but don’t over-exert. And give your body the rest it needs.
•    Don’t Sacrifice on Gym Hours-Without weight training, you’ll eventually head to being that shrinky runner that you didn’t aim to be.
Balancing is a crucial prerequisite when it comes to rigorous cardio and weight training. In such a case, a deep understanding of the body and its needs is of paramount importance.