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Top trending Men’s hairstyles

A perfect haircut and a perfect hairstyle can completely change a man’s appearance. Choosing the right hairstyle which suits the shape of your face can bring a lot of [...]

Grooming Habits that are Turn Off’s

Good grooming is important to any man in society today, but most men will be surprised to know that there are some grooming habits that many women actually find gross. Here [...]

How to fix a bad hair day

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves, we have all had a bad hair day or two, those particular days when everything goes wrong and your seems that it just does not want [...]

Maintaining Your Dyed Hair

Now that you have dyed your hair into the strange punk color that you have wanted to do for so long, what now? Simple, now comes the tricky part of maintaining your dyed [...]

Hairstyles for Men with Beards

One of the biggest style trends of 2015-16 is the trend of keeping facial hair. Beards are in fashion now. One of the biggest problems that people have when they are trying [...]
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