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Cold Showers – Good for Men’s Health?

cold-shower-health-machotipsIt must be noted that men with certain medical conditions should not take cold showers. These conditions include high blood pressure and heart disease. If that is the case then cold water may not be for you.

However, a cold shower could also yield many health benefits:
•    It increases testosterone levels
Studies have shown that men who take cold showers have higher levels of testosterone. Increase in testosterone goes hand in hand in increased libido, and therefore overall sexual health.
•    It helps to burn fat
Ever noticed that you feel hot after taking a cold shower? This is because your body is working overtime to produce heat to regulate body temperature. This encourages the conversion of white fat to brown fat which burns quickly to produce energy.
•    It can improve your mood
Taking a cold shower can instantly brighten up your mood. Cold showers can alleviate depression as well.
•    It improves blood circulation
Cold showers lead to the dilation of blood vessels in an effort to distribute heat to parts of the body. This improves blood circulation to all areas of the body, leading to overall better systemic functions.
•    It is an instant energy booster
Anyone who has ever taken a cold shower can tell you that they felt very invigorated afterwards. This is because a cold shower makes your body work to produce energy for the body to do things such as to burn fat for heat or to help circulate blood. This energy also leaves you feeling invigorated.