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Diet plans for men

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A balanced diet is very important in order to lead a healthy life. Men tend to have a different nutrient requirement than women.

Depending on your age, size and activity levels, the nutritional needs vary accordingly. A balanced diet is not about the different types of food that you should be eating, but it is the food that should be taken in the correct proportions and on time.

Your diet must include the intake of fruits and vegetables for a minimum of five days along with whole-grains, fish, poultry, pulses, beans. You must say goodbye to sugary and fatty items. Try to have less red-meat.

Balanced diet plan guidelines:

Starting with the breakfast

Nutritionist generally recommends that you should not skip or miss your breakfast. They are the most vital part of your diet and you must have your breakfast before starting off your day. Breakfast helps in boosting up the metabolism by providing all the necessary proteins and vitamins that your body requires.

An ideal breakfast even helps in the repair and recovery of the muscle after the workout sessions. At breakfast, you can have eggs, which come with the equal amount of fat and protein, as well as low fat dairy products.

Running out of time? Prepare a toast and top it up with few slices of salmon or some scrambled eggs.

Post breakfast snacks

A full time breakfast is necessary because it helps you to consume fewer calories for the rest of the day. The key to a balanced diet is to eat less, but at regular intervals throughout the day.  For the post breakfast snack, you can have a fruit or dates and walnuts.


For pre-lunch, a plate full of salad with vinegar dressing can serve as a good option.


Make your lunch a combination of protein and starchy carbohydrate. At lunch, you can opt for pulses like Rajma with brown rice and a bowl full of salad.

Mid-evening snacks

You can enjoy your mid evening snacks with one glass of green tea or one glass of buttermilk.


For dinner, you can have fiber-rich, healthy essentials which help your body to grow and repair overnight. Salmon, trout and mackerel can serve as the source of these healthy fats.

Fill half of your bowl with vegetable and mixed seed salad and garnish them with flaxseed oil. You can even try meat, fish or beans with a bowl of brown rice for your dinner.


If you are up late at night, one glass of hot milk is the best option.


The right amount of calories at breakfast, nutrients at lunch and proteins at dinner can help you maintain a balanced diet.

Try not to skip any of the meals and consume each of them at regular interval of time. Do not forget to drink lots and lots of water. Water keeps you hydrated for the rest of the day. Always consult your nutritionist.

Consuming the correct amount even helps you to reduce your weight, maintains your heart-rate and even your blood pressure level. In the long run, this will keep your body fit and promote a healthy life.