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Different men’s outfit and styles for different occasions


The different event comes with different dress codes. There are certain dress code rules according to which you should dress in different occasions.

A gentleman must have the correct sense of dressing. You must understand the circumstances of the ceremony and know the basics of casual, formal and semi-formal with respect to it. Your attire should serve as a reflection of your own personality.

The formal ones: Dressing up formal means simply getting dressed with respect to those getting honored.

There are few formal events which a man comes through his lifetime.
•    Graduation ceremony: A simple suit along with a tie or sports jacket and paired up with dark trousers, serve as the perfect attire for the day. While wearing a ceremonial robe, always make sure that you dress smartly along with your trousers, shoes and socks because they are always visible.  Now if you are a guest at your son’s or daughter’s graduation ceremony, collared shirts are a must. If it is an undergraduate or advanced degree ceremonies, then a fitted blazer always goes well with the suit.
•    Weddings: There are several considerations when it comes to weddings. Normally a dark suit with white shirt and a muted tie are the perfect dress for the wedding ceremonies. But the weddings that take place during the daytime are less formal than the ones that take place during the evenings. Moreover, you must consider the location. If it is a destination wedding by an open shore, then it does not require the suit. There are wedding dress codes which you must always look into.
•    Funerals: The main purpose of attending the funeral is to pay respect to the deceased. Avoid wearing bright color clothes. According to the western culture, a dark suit with muted tie and polished shoes are acceptable. Whereas, nowadays white is considered as the formal color to wear in a funeral.
The semi-formal ones: Apart from the formal, life has various semi-formal events.
•    Parties: Starting from get-togethers to cocktail parties, you must dress accordingly to all these events. Whether it is family get-together or a get-together with your colleagues, they are always a relaxed and comfortable event. Casuals are always the best option. Cocktail parties include the higher level of people of the society, they are planned and for this type of party, the dress code completely circles around business casuals.
•    First date: They are always the special one. What matters most is the appearance and you must always make sure that your attire is not that much formal otherwise it would leave your partner uncomfortable with her outfit. Keep it simple with a well-fitting pair of chinos or jeans with a right sized tee. Do not over-dress so that it hides your sex appeal.
Always dress perfectly for the right occasion and keep it simple. There will be times when the dress code for the occasion will not be mentioned, all you have to do is apply your personal style and judgement.