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Don’t be a Smelly Cat! Tips to prevent body odor

Going out to earn the daily bread with hard labor is no mean feat. Add to that the weird glances that you get every time you board a mode of transportation. The humiliation feels very REAL, doesn’t it? But letting something as simple and easily preventable as body odor stop you from realizing your dreams and ambitions would make you seem like a fool.

We have decided to line up the 5 full proof tips that help men get rid of their body odor so that whenever you go out into the day, you know that everything in the world is yours to win!

Keeping Body Odor at bay with these 5 life defining tips

•    Bathe Frequently and Regularly- It is the bacteria in your sweat that contributes to the foul smell. Using body wash and a scrub for deep cleaning your pores will banish smell forever.
•    Opt for loose clothes- It is time to revamp your wardrobe as tight clothing has a tendency to trap all your sweat preventing it from evaporating.
•    Consider changing your diet- The Sulfur compounds contained in onions and garlic can cause smelly armpits. Get it of them from your diet and include the smell fighting nutrients zinc and magnesium.
•    Shave your body hair- Hair has a tendency to block the evaporation pathway of your perspiration. Shaving or waxing it all off might be a way of controlling the odor.
•    Invest in a good quality deodorant- If nothing seems to work, you can always depend on a quality men’s deodorant with natural ingredients to nurture your skin and keep away the odor.