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Don’t shrug off the idea of man scarf this winter!

The day a boy learns to tie his first neck or bow tie, he becomes a man. But how many of you have ever thought of showing off your scarf collection in style? Let’s rectify the gender norms right this second! It is a misconception that scarves are the monopoly of women.

Your brothers fighting at the frontier have long resorted to this versatile item of clothing and it’s time for you to jump the wagon! Always remember that the girls find men stylishly secure in their masculinity sexier than those who run away from anything that betrays even a hint of feminine fashion.

Scarf it up with these styles!
•    The Dapper Drape- If you want your man scarf to accentuate your corporate suit, just let it hang enveloped around your neck and tuck the drooping parts into your vest.
•    Channeling the European charm- Going on a date and wish to bring out your assets with some accessories? Form a loop with your scarf and after placing it on your neck, just thread the end through the loop.
•    It’s a wrap!- The scarf style perfect for casual stressing whilst you shop for groceries or take a stroll in your neighborhood park. Wrap a woolen scarf four times for some volume and the oomph factor.
•    Winter warmth- If you are one of us who feels perpetually cold and yet are too proud to admit it, go with the simple tie by dragging one hanging end of your scarf beyond your shoulder blade and letting it drop at the back.

Rush along lads and steal the scarf show!