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Don’t sweat over your sweatshirt!

sweater-style-machotispCan you possibly count the number of times you fell back on your sweatshirt this autumn and winter? Neither can we! However, the grey marl sweatshirt tends to be an eye catching outfit as the new year creeps in upon us.

Have you written off the classic sweatshirt already? Well, listen up because we are here to prove you wrong!

Five ways you can reinvent your sweatshirt on this season of warmth and festivity:

•    The Hangover Relief- Spent endless hours partying last Saturday night and in a conundrum over what to wear under the horrifying influence of the nagging hangover? Slip into your old comfortable pair of jeans and the round neck sweatshirt for some early morning vogue!
•    The Corporate Hunk- Smart is the new sexy when you wear your sweatshirt over a long line shirt. Add a trench coat for some fashion drama at your workplace!
•    The Romantic Dude- Sweatshirt too casual for a date night, you say? Just pair it with jeans in darker hues and cowboy boots. Be prepared to kiss the lucky girl under the mistletoe!
•    Athletic Adventure- Fulfill your sweatshirt’s true calling by wearing it to a volleyball match with your pals at the beach or while hitting the gym.
•    On the go!- Have to go grocery shopping? Going for your morning bagel? Taking your dog on a stroll? Sweatshirts have you covered! Be the master of mix and match by layering it with a denim jacket, fedora hat and classic sneakers for being cozy on the go!