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Effects of low testosterone on a man’s life


Testosterone is a hormone that is predominantly produced in men and it is the hormone that is responsible for their development as they grow up and even their sex lives. It therefore stands to reason that testosterone is a hormone that is very important in a man’s life and reduction in its levels can actually impact him negatively. What are the effects of low testosterone?

  • Low libido

When testosterone levels drop, many men experience little or no urge to have sex. Testosterone is the hormone that charges a man’s sex drive, and when it plummets, so does a man’s desire to have sex. This may cause strain in a man’s relationship with his spouse and make a man’s life stressful.

  • Difficulty maintaining an erection

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for a man’s erection being maintained throughout a sexual encounter. Take away the testosterone and he has incredible difficulty staying erect during intercourse.

  • Changes in mood

Reduced testosterone levels in the body usually affect the mood of a man. He may become dull, low or even depressed.

  • Weight gain

Low testosterone levels in a man result in increased storage of fat in the body of men. Weight gain is usually one of the symptoms of reduced testosterone in men. This may be because when testosterone levels drop, it may cause feelings of tiredness and lack of energy that may discourage a man from exercising, thereby leading to weight gain.