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Enhance your sex life without pills

sex-life-pills-machotipsSex drive is a very important to many men. Whether it is to solve any existing sexual problems or to just find new and exciting ways to be intimate, men are constantly looking for ways to up their game in the bedroom. The challenge becomes how to achieve this without having to resort to pills and luckily there is a way to do it.
•    It comes from the heart
He heart pumps blood to all areas of the body, including the penis. Therefore a healthy heart means a fully able penis. Cardiovascular exercises at least 30 minutes long every day can do wonders for the blood flow to your penis and prepare you for the bedroom.
•    You are what you eat
Some foods have been shown to increase blood flow to your groin area, including chilies and peppers, bananas, and fish which is rich in omega 3 which improves circulation through to your penis, making your erections stronger and longer lasting
•    Leave the stress behind
A stressful life will eventually translate to failure in the bedroom when the moment of truth comes. It is important to try and live a stress free life by finding the positives in everything and not letting the bad times get you down too much. A brain that is happy means better sex for you.
•    Kick the dangerous habits
Too much smoking and alcohol can put a damper on your sex life, if you cannot quit smoking or drinking completely, you should consider reducing your consumption so that your bedroom situation does not suffer.