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Exercise that could improve sexual performance

exercise that could improve sexual performance

The benefits of regular workouts extend far ahead of just providing you a healthier physical and psychological life. In fact, it is proven that regular workouts can enhance men’s sex life and improve his performance in bed drastically.

Research has revealed that men who work out for at least three to four days a week have better sexual performances in terms of endurance, technique and flexibility. Now workouts are of different types and for the average working men of the modern times it is quite next to impossible to perform all the known types of exercises in their workouts.

So it is quite necessary to know the specific exercises that have the ability to improve your sexual performance and life.

Weight lifting?

The key element to have satisfying sex is strength. Unless your muscles have sufficient strength you won’t be able to do the movements required for an enthralling experience of sex. That is why it is important to do a lot of strength training.

Weight lifting results in increased level of testosterone production which primarily is responsible for boosting the sex drive in male. Lift heavy weights so that you do not require a lot of repetitions to feel fatigued. Intense weight lifting accompanied with sufficient push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and crunches should be okay to get those testosterone levels up and running.

Perform Kegels’ exercise

For men Kegels are considered a helpful exercise as they can tone the PC muscles (pubococcygeus) which enhance control and endurance while having sex. The PC muscles are the ones which help you to stop the urine flow while you are at the middle of it.

While having sex these PC muscles come into use by allowing the males to delay their ejaculation before orgasm by contraction of the PC muscles. Kegels are easy and can be performed anytime irrespective of the place. For example, you can begin by trying to interrupt your urine flow at the bathroom.

The best exercise for sexual performance is actually Yoga

Want to enthrall your partner by trying new positions every night? For that you have to be flexible enough to make your body stay at those amazing positions without any stress. Yoga is the solution to all these problems. Regular spells of yoga drastically improve your flexibility so that you have the courage to experiment on bed with your partner and hence make your sex life exciting.

Certain poses of yoga such as the Peacock pose or the bow pose improves the movement of the pelvic muscles which are instrumental for a healthy burst of sex.

Walking fast could improve performance in bed

Walking fast and also running to quite an extent can improve the activities of your blood vessels which will result in longer periods of erections. Erectile dysfunction can be cured to a large extent by regularly walking fast. It also releases endorphins which relaxes you and hence improves your sexual performance.

Swimming is also improving sexual performance

For those who feel walking is boring and commonplace, they must indulge in swimming. It will help you attain that lean muscular frame and also make you last longer in bed. The ultimate gain is that you will have a better sex life.

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