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Foligen Treatment Review 2017 – Reduce Hair Loss, Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss affects a lot of people all over the word, both men and women. Some people have thinning hair since they were in high school, in other cases it happens when they are older. Foligen Treatment for Hair Growth is a new and amazing product that promises to help your hair grow.

Hair loss is very sensitive topic to some men, but you should not think about it as a disease. Foligen could help you regain the confidence you had before and you will not be ashamed of something that’s just a human thing.

Factors influencing your hair health

First you should start with understanding hair loss. You should know what causes it and to understand the reasons for it. Many factors like: hormonal changes, genetics, nutrition and environmental change, affect deeply the strength of your hair.possible causes of hair loss foligen hair treatment review 2017 -

When it comes to hormonal changes with a simple blood test your doctor can tell you what is the reason for those changes. If the progesterone levels are too low, there is a chance that it may lead to estrogen dominance or hyper-estrogen, which can cause excessive ultimately hair loss and hair shedding.

If the problem has genetic characteristic it results in hereditary pattern baldness. In humans it is carried in the X chromosome, which means that you have gotten it from your mother. Nevertheless you can’t blame your mother for that because studies have shown that usually if the father has this condition it is almost 90% that his son will have it as well.

Foligen is a natural-based hair loss treatment

The key why Foligen works so well is in its ingredients. It contains only 100 % natural based products, such as Fo-Ti and Biotin are the two most powerful ones.

Fo-Ti – maybe this is the first time you hear about this ingredient. It comes all the way from China and has been used in their medicine for a long time. It’s mostly used as a tonic for general health and anti-aging. It also helps with restoring your colour and reducing hair loss.

Biotin – or also known as Vitamin B7, it is a part of the vitamin B complex. This element keeps your body – skin, nails and hair look young.

There are few other ingredients, that are focusing on strengthening, repairing and growth stimulation of your hair.

Benefits that Foligen could bring to your hair

The reputable manufacturers of Foligen Hair Growth Treatment claim the supplement will help your hair become stronger and thicker. Who doesn’t like that idea? It’s not fair that all men on the TV ads have amazing, shiny, thick and sophisticated hair. folligen hair treatment for hair growth benefits, ingredients -

With the right Biotin-rich diet you will be able to improve the elasticity, protect your hair against damaging and breakage because of the sun and so on.

Supporting hair growth is something that you shouldn’t underestimate either. If your body feels deficiency of any of the B complex vitamins your hair may start falling out. Biotin has everything that you need to fix this problem.

Conclusion of the Foligen Hair Treatment 2017 Review

Foligen Treatment promises to give you the power to control everything that’s happening with your hair. You are your own boss, you are the driver behind the wheel, so you could have everything now.

Nothing happens over a night, so just give yourself some time.

If you want to order Foligen at a special price, or read more about it, visit the official Foligen website>