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Green tea, an aid in men’s health


Healthy and fit body is desired by everyone and when talking about men’s health and fitness, green tea pops its name on top. Green tea is full of health benefits. Just one cup of green tea a day and it lowers down a lot of health risks and premature aging.

Adapting a healthy lifestyle is really difficult for us, and although we know of the benefits of a good diet, we become too lazy to get on track. Green tea can be the starter for trying at adapting new positive health habits.

Especially for men, it has got a lot of advantages.

Know of the green tea benefits

•    Antioxidants: Green tea has antioxidants that help protect the damage of ageing process. They have been an ingredient in men’s grooming products because of their anti-aging properties and protect skin against damage.
•    Helps fight diseases: Green tea contains polyphenols which helps regulate body pressure and even fight against the cardiovascular diseases. Some key ingredients in green tea are known to treat cancer also.
•    Burns fat: Green tea has been considered an active ingredient for men to lose weight as it increases the metabolic rate. It helps burn energy levels much faster and helps you lose weight at a faster rate. As a result you feel less strain while working out or doing a strenuous task.
•    Enhances memory: Green tea helps you stay aware and controls dodge. This makes you more alert, active and increases memory power to remember your important tasks. So you can be smarter with green tea as your choice.
•    Detoxifies: Green tea detoxifies the body and helps prevent any harmful effects of bacteria in the body. Fights against bad breaths an also helps in aiding food digestion. Detoxification leads to less stress and relaxation too.