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Grooming Habits that are Turn Off’s

Good grooming is important to any man in society today, but most men will be surprised to know that there are some grooming habits that many women actually find gross. Here are some of the habits that men may not be aware of that actually turn women off.
•    Too much Hair
It has long been regarded as a sign of true manhood by many people, but most women will agree that a bit of hair is fine, just as long as it’s not everywhere. Excess hair comes off as untidy, turning many women off instantly.
•    Long toenails
Many men drop the ball on this one. Nobody likes to be cuddling and feeling as if something is clawing at their feet. It does not matter how clean they are, long toenails are a serious turn off for women.
•    Too much cologne
It is great when a man smells good, but some men are simply not sure how much cologne is too much. It does not help your case with the ladies when you smell as if you showered in a tub of body spray. Sometimes less is actually more.
•    Too much hair product
Hair gel is a wonderful product that can tame even the most stubborn of manes. This is unfortunately where most men go overboard and develop what is most famously referred to as “Helmet hair”. Too much hair gel or any other product in particular just looks like you soaked in a vat of grease never looks good. Go easy on the hair product and you will do just fine.