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Hereditary Hair Loss (Patterned Baldness)

When you sit in front of the TV there are a lot of advertisements that pop up about hair care products – shampoo, conditioners, supplements etc. Of course most of them were about women, not men. The trend is evolving and the industry today is investing more money and time in developing good products for men’s cosmetics.

The last 10 years a lot of companies have been trying to make a product that will help with hereditary-pattern baldness. It’s one of the few things that some men are afraid of, even more than of their mother’s in law.

What is hereditary-patterned hair loss?

In general the hereditary hair loss (or patterned baldness) is not a really a disease, it is a natural condition. In most cases it is combination of hormone levels, genetics and aging processes.

Every human being is losing some of their hair at least two times a year – in the spring and in the autumn. It’s the same with the animals, they are changing fur two times as well – in nature this process is completely normal.

There are different reasons why people lose their hair. Researchers have results that show the male hormone testosterone causes change in the normal cycle of hair growth. In result of this the person has thinner, “miniaturized” or shorter hair.

With time hair growth stops in some parts which causes typical pattern of hair loss. It has been proven that baldness is inherited from the mother’s line, but the condition depends on genes contributed by both patterns.

Who is affected by hereditary-patterned baldness?

As it was mentioned hereditary-pattern baldness is not a disease, but it is condition that makes some people uncomfortable, at least in the beginning. Others are embracing it, because losing hair or getting grey means you are becoming wiser. Both sex – men and women can have this condition. When it comes to men, hair loss usually begins at crown, temples and proceeds in an M-shaped pattern.

The condition is less common to affect women, but it’s not unusual. In their case the hair loss tends to be more widespread, but in the same time is better hidden. It is not normal to have complete loss of hair and this may suggest visiting a specialist to make sure there is not another problem.

It is not difficult to diagnose hereditary-pattern baldness – if in your family there is history of similar type of hair loss. Usually it doesn’t require any tests done.

Is there a solution?

There are a lot of product mostly for men how to cover up the problem instead of dealing with it. There are a lot of methods and treatments out there that you can try – shampoos, conditioners, special sprays or hair growth supplements. Most of them are solutions that will either not work or will be temporary.

The only thing that is guaranteed to work is surgery, but you should reconsider the risks of it before that. Have an appointment with a good specialist and discuss your options. In the end is better to embrace your true self, the people who love you should love you in any shape!