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How important is fitness clothing?

For all these years we have seldom considered fitness and fashion to go hand in hand. Men who visit the gym regular don’t often think about what to wear while working out and have never given any serious thought on the matter. But the fact is every man needs the right clothing for the right purpose and that includes fitness regimes.

Clothes that suit the man best while he is working out is a must for every man’s wardrobe. The easiest part of working out should be buying fitness clothing.

Let us have a look at the basic guidelines you need to follow while choosing your workout clothes.

Fitness clothing guidelines

While not too guys worry about what to wear to the gym, it is absolutely mandatory to dress correctly while you are working those muscles out.

Begin with the base

When you are at the gym the most important part of clothing is the base layer. The primary reason for being so is that it fits right against your body and hence must be very comfortable for you to carry. For men the base layer clothing typically consists of compression shirts and compression shorts. In case your exercise requires outdoor training in chilly weather you need your underwear to be thermal.

Why compression shirts?

Intense workouts generally require compression shirts. You are not going to need one for your yoga session but you must wear them while mountain biking or running. Compression shirts come with certain technical features such as temperature regulation, wicking of moisture, muscles support and antibacterial materials of clothing.

Specific benefits of compression shorts

The following are the benefits that can be obtained from compression shorts while working out.
•    Chaffing prevention: – When your thighs sweat your legs tend to be chaffed. Compression shorts layering prevent that chaffing. Moreover, moisture is also wicked away by these shorts.
•    Muscle group separation: – Your groin muscles and thigh muscles must not rub against each other otherwise your lower back and sciatic nerves will be subject to intense pain. Therefore, separation of those muscles is essential and using compression shorts fulfills that to quite some extent.
•    Jock strap replacement: – When you go shopping fitness clothing for men a better idea will be to buy a compression short instead of your regular jock strap. Compression shorts provide sufficient support while you exercise. The ones with a cup pouch are more preferable.

Choose the right pants for exercising

Your exercising pants must have the right amount of fabric so that nothing gets in your way. They must be loose enough for providing comfort, suitably warm for outdoor workouts, comfortably stretchable to allow you almost every position. Pants which zip at the ankles are an added bonus as they allow you to remove your pants without removing your shoes in the middle of a workout.

Get the perfect shirt

A regular cotton tee would be just about right for your workout but fitness top-wears have that extra edge which provides you the impetus while you work out.