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How Much Sex Should a Couple Have?

how-much-sex-couple-machotipsA lot of people and couples often ask; “how often should I be having sex?” It sounds like a simple question with a direct answer but it’s really not. It depends on a lot of things; for example; your age, natural libido, health among other things.

The average for married couples under the age of thirty is twice a week while for couples over the age of 45, is once a week. These are just averages and should not be used as a benchmark for your sex life. Some couples have sex every other day while some have it every other month.

The most important thing is whether both of you are happy with the amount of sex you are having. This of course comes down to the kind of relationship you have with your partner. It is no secret that when the relationship between you and your partner is bad, your sex life also suffers.

Something else that has been known to be directly associated with the amount of sex couples have is the age of their relationship. Couples who are still fresh into their relationships tend to have more sex. Perhaps this is because they are still discovering different aspects of their partner and sex life.

This also directly co-relates with the level of intimacy in the relationship. The idea generally is to try and figure out a way of making this excitement and curiosity in couples last longer. You can do this by establishing each other’s sex drive and natural libidos.