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How to build muscle without going to the gym


As we all know, gym memberships tend to be on the pricey side and not everyone can afford it. Especially students cannot even think of taking up a gym membership.

Moreover, there are people who do not own their own forms of transportation and hence traveling to and fro from gym can be quite tedious. Now, it doesn’t mean that just because you are being unable to join a gym you cannot build your muscles.

Contrary to the popular thinking, muscles can be built at home too if you are following a strict set of exercises. Try sticking to your home exercise regime and you will be rewarded with stunning muscles within no time.

So here are a few exercises that will help you to get muscles at home

•    Crunches: The best way to tone your stomach muscles and get chiseled abs is to do crunches. Try doing 30 crunches in each set and then go ahead and complete 3 sets. If your body is getting used to it then you can easily increase the number of crunches you are doing in each set.

•    Squats: Squats help to develop your leg muscles and should be done along with other leg exercises on your leg regime day. Again, if you are beginner try doing 3 squats in a set and then complete 3 sets. It is quite essential to maintain your body posture in order to get the maximum benefit of squats.

•    Planks: Planks are a great way to make your full body workout. It is essential for developing core strength. Do a plank with your elbows on the floor mat and hold it for a minute. Then take some rest and repeat it again for 3 times. Another variation of a plank is a side plank. It is a great way to develop your arm muscles too.

•    Push-ups: If you are working out at home, then push ups are a must. Do regular sets of push ups to develop your triceps and biceps. Keep your posture straight when you are doing a push up.

•    Dips: Do dips with the help of a small chair or a table. Place your arms behind you and start doing your set. Dips help you to build your arms and shoulder muscle muscles.

•    Headstands: If you are fit enough then opt to do headstands. Headstands are great way to strengthen your core muscles. If you are not confident enough to do a full headstand, you can easily use a high table and rest your legs on them to do a semi headstand.

•    Use a little weight: Lifting weight is essential to get cut and chiseled muscles. If you do not have the money to buy some barbells, then you can use a big bottle of water or a heavy book for that purpose. Try curling your arms with the given weight and it will serve as a good triceps and biceps workout.

Stick to this exercise regime and follow a healthy diet plan in order to build muscles at your home naturally without hitting a gym.