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How to Control Food Cravings and Lose Weight Faster


Are you are a believer of finding salvation upon reaching your ideal weight and retaining it but you constantly find hindrances lurking your way? If food cravings trouble you, then you are meant to read this:
•    Post meal mint: Mint has a unique action in sending the brain signal that no more food is required. Hence an after meal mint flavored chewing gum, or having a mint flavored tooth paste are actually good ways to keep the hunger pangs in check
•    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: There’s a reason for the saying and it is because an inadequate breakfast can cause several uncontrollable hunger pangs throughout the day, and skipping breakfast altogether makes the cravings only worse.
•    Eat slowly: Instead of hurrying up to finish a meal, take a little extra time to savor it, chewing each bite as it helps in the complete breaking down and complete absorption by the body, triggering the brain to eliminate sending the signal of false hunger pangs or cravings.
•    Drink tea: Tea is filled with antioxidants and is good for the health. Moreover tea also effectively manages hunger pangs and leads to effective weight loss.
•    Exercise: Not only does it release Endorphins filling you with self contentment, it also decreases hunger pangs and boosts up your metabolism.
•    Hydration: Drinking water on feeling a hunger pang is actually a proven solution to effectively curb hunger and maintain the body metabolism.