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How to fix a bad hair day

bad-hair-day-men-machotipsLet’s be completely honest with ourselves, we have all had a bad hair day or two, those particular days when everything goes wrong and your seems that it just does not want to co-operate. However, all the activities of those days cannot be just dropped because of our bad hair days.

Below is a list of some of the quick and easy fixes that save those bad hair days, and they do so in quite a bit of style.

•    Wash it in the shower: A good wash in the shower with some mild hot or cold water usually does the trick for most people. To avoid bad hair days in the future, try not to go to bed with wet hair.
•    Wear a hat: Just pop on one of those style statement hats from your wardrobe and you are good to go basically anywhere. Besides, there is a whole bunch of styles to choose from. Add a sunglasses and make a style statement out in the world!
•    Invest in dry shampoo: If you do not have the time to jump in the shower to wash your hair, put some dry shampoo in your hair to make it look clean and less greasy. Best trick ever!
•    Keep it messy: Messy looks are all the craze right now. So walking out into the world with your “bad hair day” may just be a good thing. Keep it cool, keep it light and just be laid back!