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How to Tell If She Fancies You

perfect-date-for-you-machotipsDating can often prove to be a minefield of cryptic gestures and mixed signals. You therefore want to be sure that she is interested in you and not just being polite.

Here are some signs to look out for.
During your date, does she look at you with lingering eyes or does she look away quickly? If she looks into your eyes longer than usual, this may be a sign that she is interested and wants to get to know you better.

Does she go out of her way to bump into you or brush hands? If so, she may be trying to get close to you subconsciously – which could be an indicator that she is flirting with you.

Does she play with her hair quite often during your date? This could be a tell-tale sign of interest for some women. If her gestures mirror yours, it may be a way of showing she wants to be in tune with you. If her body is faced directly towards you, it could mean that she likes or admires you.

Is her smile fake or is it genuine? If her eyes are smiling as well, then her smile is genuine. Real smiles naturally fade after a couple of seconds while forced ones stay put for much longer. Also listen for laughter to note whether it sounds false or is spontaneous. Be observant to see whether she is laughing at your jokes simply to be polite or if you really do tickle her fancy.