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Ingredients in popular men’s fitness supplements




This amino acid that is a very popular ingredient in men’s supplements because of what it can do. It is a unique protein because it does not help to build muscle like other more common amino acids, but its incredible antioxidant properties that aid in muscle repair. It therefore keeps your body as well as your brain functioning at their best conditions.


This amino acid is included in many supplements because its functions are all centered on muscle protection and sell repair. It has been found to increase the rate of muscle repair, making it very popular because it helps athletes’ wounds heal faster, and it also stops muscle breakdown, so that more muscles can grow.


Peptides work by signaling the body’s pituitary gland to release the Human Growth Hormone or HGH for short in plenty amounts. This of course leads to a spike in muscle mass, making peptides popular muscle building ingredients in many supplements.


Biotin is quite simply a very effective energy boosting vitamin.


Produced from the bark of a tree that is native to West Africa, Yohimbe has been popularized as an ingredient in many supplements because it is very capable of helping you burn fat and also helps to lower blood pressure.


This is yet another supplement ingredient that is popular because it helps in muscle building and increase in body strength when used in combination with exercises that are aimed at weight gain.