Latest Tips:

Keeping a Conversation Going

keep-conversation-goingA problem a lot of men encounter when talking to women or trying to generate rapport with potential clients is keeping the conversation alive.

For some reason when you’re with your friends you talk for days, but when faced with a sales call or chatting to that beautiful girl at the bar, you’re pulling teeth to keep the conversation going. Not only do you not know what to say, but the silence becomes awkward and before you know it the other party is giving you an excuse why they have to leave. Well there’s an easy way to avoid that.

Ask Open Questions

The number one topic almost everyone loves talking about is themselves. The way to get people to open up and talk about themselves is through questions. It is that simple! Of course, you must know what questions to ask.

Asking what are known as “dead-end” questions, or questions that have a yes or no answer or a very brief answer such as: “Do you like it here?” “How old are you?” “Are you from around here?” will only give the impression that you’re interviewing the other person for a job.

Instead ask questions that allow the other person to elaborate on the subject, give their point of view. For example, in reference to the above questions, “What do you like about this place?” “What was the last thing that made you feel young?” And once they answer, pay attention and listen! Listen!