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Licorice root for your skin, body and mind

licorice root for skincare -

Let’s start with explaining what Licorice is. It is a herb originating from Mediterranean, central and southern Russia. Nowadays it used a lot in products manufactured in the U.S, although some of them use anise oil instead of the real one because it has the characteristic taste and smell of the black licorice.

Licorice root is truly remarkable and the list of uses is very long. It can help in conditions like: asthma, dandruff, athlete’s foot, influenza, sore throat, yeast infections, immune system support, chronic exhaustion and etc.

It is no secret that life today is very stressful and there are a lot of factors that make it this way. As men it is important to go through life with our head held up high. Here are some cases in which licorice root can help us:

High cholesterol levels

Eating a lot read meat and living not healthy life can cause a lot of damage to our body. Enjoying a nice steak and drinking a few beers with it is nice but in the long term we may end up with high cholesterol. It is very important to take precautions ahead of time, high cholesterol can cause a lot of other problems. Researches show that licorice root can control the cholesterol in our body.


Everybody can get depressed now and then. It is something normal but with proper treatment it can be controlled. It can be cause by hormones, stress etc. In a lot of cases licorice root can help with depression and nervousness. It encourages the function of the adrenal glands which controls the stress hormones.


Living in a big city has a lot of advantages but the polluted air can cause skin problems: premature skin aging, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin. There are a lot of ways to avoid those problems, but if you think that taking care of your face is girly you will have no choice but to deal with those issues.

Researches show that applying a salve from licorice root a few times a day can help ease those skin problems.

There are also anti-aging skincare products with licorice root that promise to help you look younger.

Weight problems

The need to lose weight is a common problem not only for women but for men as well. Different researches demonstrate that individuals have a significant reduction in their body fat after following a simple program that contains taking licorice root for a period of only 2 months. Along with a healthy diet the licorice root can be very useful.

Taking licorice root for long period of time can give some negative side effects, which should be taken under consideration. It should be avoided from people with heart problems and pregnant ladies as well. Self-medicating is not a smart choice.

That’s why consulting with a specialist before that is the smart way to go since licorice root can be found in many forms: powder, capsule, cut or sticks form, a specialist can tell you which is the best way for you and to give you guidelines how to take/use it.

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