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Lightening Your Hair Naturally with Lemon

Lemon to lighten hairThere are many ways to lightening your hair naturally at home, using over the top counter products. Using lemon to bleach or lighten your hair is completely safe and natural as there are no side effects whatsoever. Also, if it does not work for your hair, it will at least work on the dandruff.

 Here are the steps in which you can lighten your hair naturally using lemon and no bleach.

Step 1:
Take some fresh lemons, organic if possible, and cut them into small pieces.

Step 2:
Squeeze the juice of the lemons on to a container, and make sure there are no seeds or any of the pulp left behind.

Step 3:
You will need at least half a cup of pure lemon juice. If you have long hair, you will need one whole cup of pure lemon juice.

Step 4:
Depending on the amount of lemon juice that you will need, add an equal amount of clean water to the lemon juice and stir it until a mixture is formed.

Step 5:
Pour the entire content into a spray bottle.

Step 6:
Comb your hair out so that there are no knots and make it a little wet so that your hair doesn’t become dry during this process.

Step 7:
Spray the mixture evenly across your entire hair.

Step 8:
This step is optional. You can sit under the sun for thirty minutes. This will speed up the natural bleaching process.