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Longjack (Tongkat Ali) – a powerful herb for men

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Also known as Tongkat Ali, Long Jack is a flowering plant which is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. The powerful herb can be obtained from deep within the Malaysian forest where it goes by the name Pasak Bumi.
Long Jack is known to offer many benefits, especially for men. This is because Long Jack has been found to be useful for improving the production of testosterone, as well as mental and physical performance. The herb is also ideal for the enhancement of energy levels, and to increase stamina and endurance. Another benefit of Long Jack is its ability to reduce mental fatigue and exhaustion, all of which contribute to the enhancement of male sexual function.

Long Jack and Testosterone

Long Jack is able to naturally increase the testosterone levels in the body. A large quantity of testosterone that flows in the body is bound by the sex hormone binding globulin or SHBG protein. Only the testosterone that flows freely circulating through the body contributes to the enhancement of the libido.

On the other hand, bound testosterone is believed to be ineffective. The long-term consumption of Long Jack can assist in freeing up the bound testosterone.

Long Jack is taken as a way of preventing the loss of sexual function and to improve sexual performance. Long Jack is available in the form of supplements, as well as in the form of a powder and pills, and can be purchased at numerous health food and nutritional stores. The herb is also widely available for purchase on the internet.

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