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Low T (Testosterone Deficiency) – There is a Solution

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Testosterone is a hormone that is produced by the testicles and which is responsible for the correct development of male sexual characteristics. Testosterone is also critical for the maintenance of muscle bulk, bone growth, sexual function, adequate red blood cell levels and a sense of well being.

While inadequate testosterone production is not commonly a cause of erectile dysfunction, when this condition does occur as a result of a decrease in testosterone production, testosterone replacement therapy may work in improving this problem.

Testosterone Decline

As the man ages, the testosterone levels in their body will decline gradually as well. This natural decline begins after the age of thirty and will continue throughout their life. There are other causes of low levels of testosterone however, and these include:
•    Infection, injury or loss of testicles
•    Chemotherapy radiation treatment in cancer patients
•    Abnormalities related to genetics such as Klinefelter’s Syndrome
•    Medications, in particular hormones used in the treatment of prostate cancer
•    Inflammatory diseases including sarcoidosis
•    Pituitary gland dysfunction
•    Too much iron in the body
•    Chronic kidney failure
•    Chronic illness
•    Alcoholism
•    Obesity, especially in the abdominal region
•    Stress

Symptoms of Low T

Inadequate testosterone levels may cause a man to lose their sex drive, suffer erectile dysfunction, depression, and decrease their sense of well-being, while causing difficulties in concentration. Low testosterone levels may also result in physical changes such as fragile bones, body hair decrease, muscle mass decrease, body fat increase, mild anemia and cholesterol levels changes.

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