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Maintaining Your Dyed Hair

care-dyed-hair-men-machotipsNow that you have dyed your hair into the strange punk color that you have wanted to do for so long, what now? Simple, now comes the tricky part of maintaining your dyed hair.

The extent to which you have to take care of your hair, depends on what color you have dyed it. For instance, natural browns and goldens take less maintenance time, while eccentric and unusual colors like blues and other highlights need more effort.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that you can do as a part of your daily routine to make your hair color last longer.

•    Use special shampoos: There are many specialized shampoos available in the market that are designed to care for colored hair. They contain special elements and are less harsh on your hair.
•    Always use conditioner: Conditioner not only smoothens your hair, but also locks in the hair color. This means that every time you wash your hair, there are less chances of the color fading out.
•    Always wear a hat: If you have colored your hair blue or other such color, always wear a heat so that your hair does not come into contact with direct sunlight. Direct sunlight has the potential to automatically bleach out your hair color.
•    Avoid the dryer: try to avoid the hair dryer as much as you can because the heat can not only bleach the color, but also damage your hair. If you must, then switch to the colder settings if the dryer.