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Men’s Fitness Trends predictions you need to watch out for in 2017

You might have managed to extend the festive season of December up until Valentine’s Day in February but then reality hit you hard. You finally realized that you had put on more weight than you had anticipated and require a thorough guide to what fitness trends are going to be the most popular in the New Year.

This is where we step into the picture by giving you an insight into the predictions that the fitness gurus have made just for men like you:

Workouts guided by Audio

Audio workouts are making a comeback in the year 2017 so make sure to carry your smart phones on your trip to the gym. You will find apps which would guide you step by step through the workout regimen along with the recent incorporation of a music playlist which would keep you encouraged and motivated.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to your trainer as he would be giving you his advice through the app medium itself.

Dancing it out

With social media being bombarded with videos of men dancing to popular mainstream songs, it was only a matter of time till dancing became a part of fitness. Get yourself registered as a member with a dance studio and feel all the endorphins rush into your blood stream. The fact that you would be as good dancer as a professional one is an added plus to the entire exercise!

Technological assessment based training

If you have a gym membership, you must already know that the workouts don’t cater to your specific body needs. However, by undertaking technology based assessment tests, you would be able to gauge your body fat amount thus creating a personalized, effective and specific workout plan.


Till now, sleep had been considered to be something associated with your health but not directly connected with a fitness program. But with busy schedules filled with high intensity workouts becoming the norm in 2016, it was decided that 2017 would balance out the workouts with periods of rest, be it through yoga, sleep or meditation.

Have you started noticing a rise in meditation classes in your neighborhood? Now you know the reason why!

Slack lining

When you first come to know what this is about, you can be tempted to think that you would be required to walk on a tight rope. But this is not quite that. You will be provided with a strip of webbing which would have been fixed at some height above the ground and you have to balance on it.

Since all the muscles in your body would be involved in the act of balancing, you can enjoy a full body workout while having fun at the same time!

When you are starting out on the journey towards fitness in 2017, it is important to remember to leave the rush of 2016 behind and engage in workouts that don’t burn all your energy out.