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Phytoceramides can help you beat the age

Men and women alike want to retain the freshness and beauty of their youth. But men might wonder why it is so that most products dedicated for skincare are meant for women’s skin only. Not anymore! If you are looking for an efficient anti-aging skincare product for men, Phytoceramides could definitely be a good choice.

Men suffer from aging problems like fine lines, wrinkles or uneven texture of the skin, while the growing pollution further deteriorates it. Added to that is the life style of present day men – from sleeping late at night to consuming alcohol or being stressed frequently, remember that your skin is actually the outcome of your lifestyle and if you are leading a rash life, the effects on your skin will be remarkable as well.

What are Phytoceramides?

Ceramides are a category of lipids found in the skin but can also be obtained from wheat or rice. Phytoceramides, as the name states, are Ceramides derived from plants.

The layers of the human epidermis contain Ceramides, and their importance comes from their capacity of  creating a barrier against reduces infection and helps to retain the skin’s moisture. Reduction in the amount of Ceramides in the epidermis results in dry skin, dermatitis, and wrinkles – studies have shown that a proper amount of Ceramides is necessary to maintain healthy skin.

The phyto-Ceramide products can aid in creating the protective barrier in the epidermis. Supplementation with an oral Phytoceramides supplement replaces the components lost through aging, and has hydration effects.

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