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Popular Mens Hair Styling

With the changing of the seasons comes a change in wardrobe for men, and to top it off, a change to the hair. The list of men’s hair styles indeed is endless, but here are some classic styles that keep coming back, never truly going out of style.

Short tapering sides and back

This is one way to style the hair that has developed in to a wide range of sub-styles, such as the Caesar’s cut and the fringe. It basically consists of shorter or no hair on the sides and the back, and longer hair in the middle. It can be surprisingly easy to manage, because of its very low maintenance, and is very, very versatile.

The buzz cut

The buzz cut is a hair style that has been around since men started cutting hair.  It is very popular because it looks neat, and is very easy to manage. It also has various variations as well, such as the crew cut and the butch cut. It is best suited for square faces with strong jaws.

The Pompadour

This is most widely known as the classic look. It basically involves a bit of pomade or gel to sweep the hair at the top over the head, in a slicked back manner.


The Side part

This is one of the most revered looks among men’s hairstyles, and is very popular because it can look casual as well as official. Go for a hard part by having your barber cut a parted line with the razor so that the parting is more visible.