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Possible Causes of Hair Loss in Men

causes-hair-loss-machotipsHair loss is an all too common situation that many men face today. There are a number of reasons why too, and maybe knowing these reasons could help deal with it in a better way.
•    Male Pattern Baldness
This is quite possible the leading reason for hair loss in most men in the world today. It is a hereditary condition that has its sufferers inheriting hair follicles that with time start to miniaturize and as a result lead to the disappearance of hair with time.
•    Stress
Situations that are stressful in a man’s life can lead to them losing hair. During such occurrences, the body which is in duress releases various hormones into the body, which cause the hair to start shedding. Scientists are still trying to figure out the sort of relationship that exists between stress and loss of hair.
•    Trichotillomania
While we are still not sure whether this is a kind of disease or just a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, what is certain is that this is the constant action of excessively plucking out the hair in the body, including on the head. The result is usually the thinning of hair and eventual hair loss that follows.
•    Chemotherapy
When a man suffers from cancer, chemotherapy is usually the prescribed treatment. Chemotherapy aims to kill the cells in the body that grow abnormally fast and sadly, it also affects the hair, because it usually grows fast. It grows back though, afterwards.