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Preventing sunburn at the beach

Summers are the time to throw in the towel, kick your feet up and have some fun time at the beach with your friends. Whether you are in Malaysia or the Andamans, the beach life is everybody’s calling.

However, you cannot simply walk up to the beaches without any preparation, especially when the sun is scorching and can cause you intense sunburn, not to mention probably increase your chances of developing melanoma.

Some skin care tips to prevent yourself from burning your skin at the beach:

  • protecting-yourself-beach-sun-SPF-machotipsLather on sunscreen: This is a must if you want to prevent melanoma from happening to you. Get a sunscreen with a high SPF value and lather it on your entire body at least half an hour before you hit the beach.But be sure to get a good one, particularly one that does not cause you skin rashes or itch.
  • Try to cover up: This may sound difficult and a little silly, but the truth is that the more you cover up of your skin, that is the less exposed your skin is, the less prone it is to sunburn and skin cancer. Try to wear loose full-length clothes.
  • Use aloe vera: This is a natural product, which will soothe and very quickly heal sunburn along your body. Just cut up the leaves and apply the gooey liquid whenever it burns. Let it sit for an hour and then wash it off with plain water at room temperature.