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Protein, vitamins and muscle mass

Protein and vitamin are two of the six classes of nutrients that are absolutely essential for the growth and survival of the human body.  Consumption of protein shakes around 1 to 3 times a day could be beneficial for the health of an individual. It would add extra high quality protein to the daily diet.

The extra calories in milk, yogurt and juices, gets added to the shake. They might not directly add bulk to muscles, but having a proper quantity of protein and vitamin infused in the diet, is mandatory for adding bulk.

Protein Shake:

Whey protein is actually one of the top products which enables muscle is derived from dairy products yet its lactose free. Choose your protein shake according to your diet requirement.  It depends on the activities you indulge in and the fat and carbs requirement as well.

Protein Supplements are basically a combination of amino acids, which are the main constituent which enable the building of muscles. Also, protein powders in the form of chicken breast are easier to digest and helps to build lean muscle mass.


Deficiency of vitamins can cause severe damage to the body. Even a proper balanced diet could have a shortage of proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Under such circumstances vitamin supplements and multivitamins step in with the correct quantity of nutrient required.  However they are not a replacement for a healthy and wholesome diet.

They aid to some extend to the building of muscles. But one should not be completely dependent on these supplements.  Not to mention that they are expensive.