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Psychological factors of erectile dysfunction


Sexual dysfunction may occur as a result of a physical or psychological problem. Psychological factors that may cause erectile dysfunction include depression, guilty feelings, work-related anxiety and stress, relationship or marital problems, concern about sexual performance, as well as the effects of past sexual trauma.psychological-factors-sexual-dysfunction-machotips

Sexual problems affect both parties in a couple and may occur in adults of all ages. Among the most commonly impacted are the older populations whose condition may be related to the general health decline associated with aging. The most common sexual issues faced by men include erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders and inhibited sexual desire.

Living with sexual dysfunction can complicate the dating and romantic lives of a couple. For most men, this is a humiliating challenge that makes them avoid sex altogether, rather than discuss it with their new partner. But as medicines for treating ED have become increasingly widespread, the associated stigma has began to decline and partners are today having easier discussions.