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Resveratrol has some truly amazing potential

resveratrol from red wine -

Resveratrol has some truly amazing potential and it hasn’t been long since scientists took a close look at the benefits that come from it. During the mid-1990’s after many exams and researches people started looking at it as a Phytoestrogen and an anti-cancer agent. It was carrying the name:  “The French Paradox in a bottle”

Here are some reasons why scientists find Resveratrol useful:
1.    Contributes to Heart Health.
It is believed that resveratrol helps reducing the blood pressure, which is good for a lot people with heart disease.
2.    Anti-aging.
Good news for both men and women is the effects Resveratrol has when it comes to anti-ageing processes. It helps with sarcopenia, osteoporosis, mental processes decline, etc.
3.    Glucose Balance.
Resveratrol helps getting control over the glucose metabolism which can turn into a cure for treating and preventing diabetes.
4.    Cancer.
Scientists are still working on the anti-cancer effects that the resveratrol has, but so far there has been positive test done on rats and mice in a few cases of cancer like: skin cancer, esophageal, liver cancer, breast cancer, etc. The medical tests are still in progress but there is hope for finding the cure faster.
5.    Bones.
When the stem cells turn into fat cells it causes problems with our bones and the resveratrol is preventing this from happening. Which increases your bone health.
6.    Muscles.
Tests has shown that it has positive effect on muscle growth, as well.
7.    Sex hormones.
Everybody knows that the increasing of the sex hormones gives only benefits. Resveratrol an increase Testosterone levels and could act as an Estrogen antagonist.
8.    Weight loss.
Resveratrol helps to deal with fat cells and improve metabolism, which ends up in losing weigh.
9.    Acne treatment.
Resveratrol gel has shown very positive results when it comes to treating Acne.

It’s not necessary to get it from supplements, there are also food sources that you should consider. Here are the top foods rich in Resveratrol :

  • Boiled Peanuts – contains 1,28 mg;
  • Red grapes – resveratrol can be found in the skin of red grapes. Some Spain grape varieties contain up to 1,89 mg per five ounce glass; It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the peanut butter contains up tp 13 mg per cup. So maybe next time when you go to the store to pick up a bottle of wine you will think and choose carefully what you want.

As everything on Earth, Resveratrol has a few side effects as well. It’s nothing to be scared of just keep them in mind. A few studies done with healthy women and men show that tablets of 500 mg are well tolerated. Some side effects like nausea have appeared if the patient was taking up to 5 gram  a day.

There are U.S manufacturers who are working on Resveratrol supplements in which the main ingredient is extracted from an Asian plant called Polygonum Cuspidatum, other companies are using extract of red grapes or red wine.

After all make sure you get the opinion of a specialist weather supplement with resveratrol is your best pick.