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Sex positions for optimum pleasure

A real man is not only characterized by gentlemanly attitude and behavior but also by the amount of effort he puts so that he can achieve complete perfection in bed with his partner. They strive and give their 100 percent effort so that women can enjoy the heavenly pleasures derived from the perfect orgasm.

In appreciation of the male effort to satisfy their partners in bed we provide some tips about sex positions that are aimed at satisfying the sexual pleasures of men. Although they are directed at providing ultimate pleasure to the darker sex, do not get surprised if the fairer sex achieves equal if not more pleasure out of them.

The best sex positions for ultimate male pleasure

Getting the most pleasure out of sex is every man’s desire and they rightfully earn that. Let us see the best sex positions which help them achieve exactly that.

Around the bend

Almost every man experiences a deep sexual urge for deep thrusting. But to their dismay not many positions allow that. The around the bend position is designed to allow optimum thrusting experience to the male.

Here you need to bend your partner over a suitable piece of furniture and hence continue the penetration. The bending of her body will allow you to penetrate to the deepest crevasses of her vagina.

Inverted rear

Thrusting comes easy with this sex position and hence provides the male with ultimate pleasures. First you lie on your back and make her lie on you with her face facing the ceiling. Spread her legs apart by grabbing her thighs and make her settle in a reverse saddle position.

She will not be able to move much in this position and hence allow you to make maximum thrusting deep inside her for as long as you can. Hold her thighs firmly so that she does not get unbalanced.


This position has been the ultimate male favorite since immemorial time and the reasons for that is quite evident. Penetration reaches a new level when you and your partner are having sex in this position. Let her do all the work and you instead can sit back and enjoy the lot.

You can enjoy the view as she jiggles away into pleasure and you achieve your fair share of the well deserved pleasure. If she is super conscious about her body, then make her do the reverse cowgirl.

The lotus

Quite similar to the cowgirl position this one requires you to just sit back and enjoy. Sit on the bed while crossing your legs and make her sit on your lap. Wrap her legs around your waist and straddle her and make her rise up and down while you are inside her.

An expert tip will be to take a support behind your back against a wall or something similar so that you can ride her more easily. This position guarantees maximum pleasure for both you and your partner so that both of you achieve heavenly pleasures.